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Oil Spill Containment Accessories

ACME Environmental supplies a wide range of accessories for oil spill cleanup and containment; we make our boom and floating baffles and barriers easier to use and store.

We offer many products in stock at competitive prices; from buoys to boom and baffle fabric repair kits, T-connectors to toggle pins, we have everything you need to help you save time, money, and environmental impact.

  • Bulkhead Risers

    Bulkhead Risers




    ACME Bulkhead Risers allow containment boom to ride varying water levels - rising and lowering along the length of a vertical, 4" x 4" flange-beam (customer-supplied and installed). Bulkhead Connectors are shipped from the plant completely assembled. If the top of the flange beam is open, the connector can simply be slipped down over the top. If the beam is not open, remove four bolts holding the connector's roller arms together and reassemble on the beam. ACME Bulkhead Connectors come ready to connect to any boom (up to 6"-dia. flotation x 12" skirt) equipped with an ACME Quick Latch coupler.