Oil Skimmers & Pumps

ACME skimmers come in three types, and are designed for maximum portability and durability on the job. ACME drum skimmers can recover hydrocarbons at varying rates, ideal for inland and marsh spills and shallow-water spills.

ACME mop skimmers offer oil collection and recovery in a single unit, and are ideal for wastewater treatment facilities and tougher recovery jobs. ACME disc skimmers are ideal for recovering high oil/water ratios in the most adverse conditions. From shallow waters to open seas, ACME skimmers work well in all climates and all oil viscosities.

ACME also offers a complete line of high-pressure portable pumps and transfer pumps, hoses and pump accessories.

  • Disc Oil Skimmers

    Disc Oil Skimmers




    ACME offers a complete line of oleophilic disc skimmers for removing floating hydrocarbons in a wide variety of accidental spill or industrial water treatment applications. These disc skimmers are extremely durable skimming systems combining oil collection devices and a recovered oil pump into one, single-point lift unit –intended for the tougher recovery of medium and viscous crudes.