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  • Mark I

    Mark I



    As a standard containment boom, the Mark I is a sturdy, economical boom for general purpose and industrial use. This particular design is considered to be the best boom for most applications. It is chosen for normally calm, inland waters and ports with low current velocities, as well as slips, canals and holding ponds. It has the capabilities required to contain a spill and the physical characteristics to last a long time. Our unique double seals allows for smoother contouring in action, and easier retrieval and folding. The cylindrical flotation gives higher buoyancy and reduces or eliminates splash-over.


    Specifications  Freeboard   Draft Overall  Weight/Ft   Standard Length Ballast Tensile Total Tensile Strength
    Imperial 6 inches 12 inches 18 inches 1 lb 100 feet 1/4" Chain 12400 lbs
    Metric 15.2 cm 30.4 cm 45.7 cm 0.45 kg 31 m 4.8 mm 5630 kgs