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Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure

Due to the potential dangers that oil spills can cause to our environment, it is important for every step to be taken to prevent spills and clean them as promptly as possible. The Environmental Protection Agency states that any facility that has an aggregate aboveground oil storage capacity of more than 1,320 gallons and there is a possible expectation of an oil spill to be released near or into U.S. waters ways or shorelines, then the facility falls under the Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) rule. This list of facilities also includes places with a buried storage capacity of 42,000 gallons. Because of this, these facilities are required to develop SPCC plans for their facility and employees.

This course will give your company the skills to design and review a specific SPCC plan for your facility. You will learn the most up to date SPCC rules and regulations and the best practices for your facility. It is the responsibility of the facility owner or operator to prepare and implement these safety measures to protect our environment in the possibility of a spill.

Call and set up an appointment to have Bobby come and not only help develop a SPCC plan but also give you the capability to design one for yourself in all future situations. Ask about our group discounts!

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