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ACME Hose Floats

ACME Hose Floats

Acme hose floats are produced by a urethane “sandwich” process with a hard, damage-resistant outer shell and a light, high flotation closed cell foam inner section. This “sandwich” is achieved in one production process, developed through research, resulting in a much lower cost than with comparable qualities.

The Acme hose float urethane material offers high resistance to chemicals. Each cell is completely closed, sealed and individually buoyant, and the material will not absorb water, other fluids or suspended solids.

Although, somewhat similar in appearance, due to the hard surface cell, Acme hose floats should NOT be confused with hollow plastic-type floats, which when damaged, will fill and sink. Acme’s hose floats will maintain virtually full flotation capacities even though damaged almost to destruction.

The floats are manufactured in two halves, with the division parallel to the hose longitude, making them easy to attach. The half-sections are joined around the hose by means of a QUICK SNAP, gear type stainless steel hose clamp. Only a screw driver is required for a last few turns to tighten after the clamp has been snapped in place.

Acme hose floats are available for hose diameters from 1 1/2” to 6”. Other sizes and flotation capacities can be made to meet your special requirements. Weight of hose and fluid per hundred feet determine the number of floats required. Refer to the chart on this sheet, or write, to determine your requirements.