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Other Sorbents & Environmental Products

ACME has a wide variety of oil sorbent accessories and absorbent granules for oil spill clean up. Browse our extensive selection today!
  • Viscous Snare Boom

    Viscous Snare Boom



    50’ Section
    30 Snares / Section
    1 Section / Case

    Ideal for protecting shorelines, beaches, washing operations along shores, "sweeping" operations, or filtering tidal flows from contaminated marsh areas.

    ACME's Viscous Sorbent Boom consists of oil absorbing snares securely attached to a central polypropylene line, providing a quick- deploying sorbent boom ideal for the tougher, weathered crude oils.

    Each easily deployed, 50-ft. section contains 30 snares on 20" spacing. Sections can be connected rapidly to form any desired length. Saturated or contaminated sections can be easily removed and replaced.

    ACME Viscous Snares are packaged in bags. Each bag weighs approximately 15 lbs. and contains about 30 snares.

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