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ACME has a wide variety of oil sorbent accessories and absorbent granules for oil spill clean up. Browse our extensive selection today!
  • Viscous Snares / Pom-Poms

    Viscous Snares / Pom-Poms



    1/2-lb. Cluster, Oleophilic Fibers
    30 / Bag

    ACME Viscous Snares offer an effective. low-cost way to deal with the recovery of heavy, viscous or weathered crudes – even in sub-freezing temperatures.

    Each Viscous Snare consists of an approx. 1/2 lb. cluster of oleophilic, hydrophobic fibers which attract oil and reject water. Test results have shown that 1 lb. of Viscous Snare fibers can recover approximately 25 lbs. of crude at 70°F (lower temperatures will increase recovery rate).

    Snares can be individually deployed onto the contaminated water surface, and retrieved using pitchforks, rakes or boat hooks. Snares can be wrung out or cleaned with lighter oils (#1 or #2 fuel) for re-use or reduction of disposal fees.

    ACME Viscous Snares are packaged in bags. Each bag weighs approximately 15 lbs. and contains about 30 snares.

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