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Floating Baffles & Turbidity/Sediment Curtains

ACME custom-manufactured floating baffles offer an easy, flexible, economical way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of lagoons.
Floating baffles help facilitate surface control of floating materials in cooling ponds, settling basins or oxidation ponds.
  • Turbidity/Sediment Curtain Services

    Turbidity/Sediment Curtain Services




    Because ACME baffles are totally customized to meet specific needs and application, we do not keep them in inventory. To calculate the total cost of your concept, please fill out the Request a Quote form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

    • Site inspections and consultation
    • Application recommendations
    • Installation supervision
    • Turnkey installation
    • Maintenance
    • Repair training
    • Design services