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Did you know that the OSHA Lockout/Tagout standard is one of the most often cited violations? This standard requires the implementation of safe work practices and procedures to properly shut down equipment, isolate the energy source, and both test and prevent the potential release of hazardous and harmful energy during maintenance and servicing activities. OSHA will hold employers responsible to ensure the safety of workers and to train employees on the safe control of hazardous energy. Lockout/Tagout procedures can and do save lives across the country.

This course will train designated Lockout/Tagout certified employees to better conduct procedures and to ensure their fellow employees are, too. Our training will help develop an emergency control plan with participants and give your employees the tools to inspect and monitor these procedures on a regular basis. Whether your staff is full of recent hires or experienced employees this course will expand the knowledge of this OSHA standard and prevent accidents, injuries, or fatalities.

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