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Confined Space Training

OSHA defines a confined space as an area that has limited or restricted means of entry and/or exit and is NOT designed for continuous human occupancy. Many workplaces, especially in the hazardous waste industry, have spaces that fall under this category and have the capability to hinder or hurt the employees that are required to enter, work in, and exit these spaces.

The purpose of this training course is to educate those that are required to perform duties in these areas and to help give them the knowledge on how to safely do so. This course teaches the hazards involved in confined space work and reinforces safe working principles and practices. Participants will learn the scope of confined space work, identify these spaces, determine the necessity of a confined space permit, know the responsibilities involved with confined space workers, entrants, and supervisors, and have a basic knowledge of equipment used.


Confined space training is required for those in both construction and general industry.

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