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ACME assists in 20,000 gallon spill response in Kingfisher, OK

ACME assists in 20,000 gallon spill response in Kingfisher, OK

ACME assists in 20,000 gallon spill response in Kingfisher, OK

On December 27, 2020, a pipeline carrying crude oil through Kingfisher, Oklahoma burst, and thousands of gallons of product spilled onto a landowner’s property under which the pipeline ran. ACME Environmental was contacted to join in the response efforts and both Tulsa and Oklahoma City locations lent a hand in this effort to contain and clean up the spill. The process of retrieval consisted of both land and water operations, however, ACME Environmental participated mostly in the water defense and retrieved over 20,000 gallons of product.

The land on which the spill occurred had several pond areas connected by a creek that ran through the property. ACME Environmental first made sure to lay both hard and sorbent boom in each pond area to stop the flow of product from getting too far away from the initial spill location. Following this, the larger pond was restored through the usage of two drum skimmers that ran 24 hours a day for several days straight. The lower, smaller pond area was more isolated, and the majority of this crude oil was cleaned through the usage of sorbent boom and pads.

ACME Environmental is always ready to deploy at a moment’s notice and fully stocked with a large supply of containment products on hand including sorbent boom, pads, skimmers, and an array of different types and sizes of containment boom. We also have a fully trained, OSRO certified, emergency spill response team of technicians on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Make ACME your 24/7/365 service provider and make sure you’re prepared for anything. Contact us today and find out how you can let ACME Environmental give you peace of mind.

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