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Baffle Fabrics

ACME floating baffles are manufactured from a variety of flexible thermoplastic coated (not laminated) reinforced fabrics. The fabrics are dielectrically sealed to form enclosures for the flotation logs, chain ballast and optional cable tension members. These items are connected by a skirt with the flotation logs at the surface and the chain at the lagoon bottom. Tension cable(s) are sometimes included in our floating baffles to provide added strength and eliminate arcing.

Jaton Coated Fabric

  • Standard Color: International Yellow or Orange
  • Base Fabric: Polyester @ 6 oz. / sq. yd.
  • Finished Coated Weight: 22 oz. / sq. yd.
  • Hydrocarbon / U.V. Exposure Rating: Good

Jaton Fabric provides a unique combination of high-tear strength and high- coating adhesion, resulting in exceptional resistance to abrasion, rips, tears, punctures and thermal shock. Jaton is recommended for use where exposure to hydrocarbons and U.V. light are intermittent.

Jaton Plus Coated Fabric

  • Standard Color: Orange
  • Base Fabric: Nylon @ 6 oz. / sq. yd.
  • Finished Coated Weight: 24 oz. / sq. yd.
  • Hydrocarbon / U.V. Exposure Rating:Very Good

Jaton Plus Fabric uses a specially formulated coating with "Elvaloy" plasticizer, which extends fabric life under U.V. and hydrocarbon exposure by up to 50% compared with regular Jaton. Jaton Plus Fabric is recommended for use where exposure to hydrocarbon and U.V. light are continuous and extended over long periods of time.

Jaton 8130 Coated Fabric

  • Standard Color: Black and Orange
  • Base Fabric: Polyester@6.5oz/sq./yd
  • Finished Coated Weight:30oz./sq./yd
  • Hydrocarbon/U.V. Exposure Rating: Excellent

The 8130 fabric is the recommended geomembrane for a variety of products and installations. It is a high strength, low thermal expansion/contraction fabric. It is suitable for exposed applications and has a high chemical resistance. The geomembrane is rugged, strong and durable enough to withstand extreme temperature changes and UV radiation.