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  • Mark II-C Nearshore/Offshore Boom

    Mark II-C Nearshore/Offshore Boom



    Used mainly off a coastline, this boom has a higher freeboard area to maximize its buoyancy and contour over large waves or swell in open water. Also with a much deeper draft, this boom can maintain containment of heavy crude spills in the harshest seawater; this boom can also be deployed from a large workboat platform or barge with minimum personnel. Overall performance remains high even in heavy debris or ice water conditions.


    Specifications  Freeboard   Draft Overall  Weight/Ft   Standard Length Ballast Tensile Total Tensile Strength
    Imperial 12 inches 24 inches 36 inches 3.2 lb 100 feet 3/8" Chain 22500 lbs
    Metric 35.6 cm 61 cm 96.5 cm 1.45 kg 31 m 9.5 mm 10250 kgs