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Acme Environmental is a leader in the emergency response and remedial construction industry. Acme provides turnkey services to manage emergency response situations from the initial call through the final site restoration. Acme’s project managers and team strive to meet our clients’ needs through balancing the three basic components of a project: scope, budget and schedule. Since Acme’s founding in 1976, Acme has been an integral part in the Oklahoma environmental industry.

Project Management and Safety

Acme’s project management skills set it apart from the competition. Acme consistently solves customer’s problems in the most cost efficient way possible. With safety its highest priority, Acme completes the job on time in a safe manner. All field personnel are expertly trained in the handling of site containments to ensure worker safety. Each job is viewed as a unique problem that can be solved in a variety of ways. Once Acme is on the job, our team can handle the project from identification of the contaminant all the way through restoration and disposal.


Acme’s remediation team has experience with hydrocarbon and brine spills on soil. Acme has the capabilities to offer the following solutions:

  • Contaminated soil excavation and off-site disposal
  • In-situ soil blending and stabilization
  • In-situ remediation of contaminated soil
  • Site clearing and grading

Acme owns an extensive amount of soil sampling equipment and monitors to effectively mark and measure the amount of produced water or hydrocarbon contamination. Acme has access to a substantial fleet of equipment in order to immediately and cost-effectively meet our client’s needs. Current equipment includes track hoes, vacuum trucks, rolloff trucks, response trailers, dump trucks, skid steers and more.

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