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Primary & Secondary Containment

ACME Environmental supplies a wide variety of berms for primary and secondary containment; we make berms easier to use and store. Berms are made of a variety of materials ranging from 22 and 30 ounce PVC fabric to 40 mil geomembrane material. Ready-to-use or custom-designed, ACME stands ready to help you save time, money, and environmental impact. We offer many products in stock at competitive prices.
  • 8 sides/ ea. side 48" x 34" Quick Tank 2

    8 sides/ ea. side 48" x 34" Quick Tank 2




    Part #: QT2-1500 Assembled

    Size: 8 sides/ ea. side 48" x 34" Stored

    Size: 50” x 10"

    Weight: 85 lbs.

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