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Oil Spill Containment

Oil Spill Containment

For over 40 years, Acme has been a leader in response to oil spills and the containment of those spills. Acme has utilized the latest technologies and techniques in containing hydrocarbon spill of all types. Based on the characteristics of the spill, Acme has utilized various products and techniques to contain spills. The containment may utilize oil spill containment boom, sorbent boom and pads or mechanical techniques like skimmers, pumps, vacuum trucks, and boats. Location, body of water type, current, wind, hydrocarbon type, tidal action and weather conditions all play an important role in techniques used to contain oil. A spill may only require a minor application of particulate or sorbents or entail thousands of feet of boom, skimmers, sorbents and various form of equipment. Regardless of spill characteristics or conditions, Acme’s 40 years of experience provides our customers with the expertise to clean up any spill.

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