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Truck Rollover Cleanup

Truck Rollover Cleanup

Truck Rollover Cleanup

Acme Environmental responded to a truck accident/rollover with the truck’s tank rupturing and releasing crude oil into a northeastern Oklahoma lake.

Acme worked closely with the Federal Game and Fish Department, Army Corp of Engineers, and other local agencies. Main concern was for the migratory waterfowl and aquatic life in addition to protecting public recreational areas.

Acme was able to recover the bulk of the product within the first week and continued to monitor the spill site over the next couple months deploying boom as necessary.

During the spill clean-up Acme deployed the following equipment: 1,800 ft. of 18” Acme Containment boom, 3 - 16’ boats, 1 – response trailer, 2 – 3” Honda wash pumps, 1 – 48” drum skimmer, and 1 – boom trailer.

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