PEC Safety

Acme Environmental Inc. has been a subscriber to PEC Safety since 2013.

PEC provides standardized safety and skills training to the oil and gas contractor workforce and online standardized forms for reporting safety information from Contractor to Operator. It is PEC’s belief that standardization is a key component to not only simplifying common safety practices and saving money for our customers, but also to making the work environment a safer place. Since our inception in 1993, we have worked to bring the industry together on common issues that everyone faces. The PEC Basic Orientation and Core Compliance programs, which are accredited by both SafeLandUSA and SafeGulf, are required or accepted by most major and independent oil and gas operators in the Gulf of Mexico and on land in the United States. This allows an employee to complete our training programs and gain access to most oil and gas platforms without having to repeat redundant training they have already received elsewhere, saving both time and money. The same goes for safety information reporting; instead of completing a safety questionnaire for each of their customers, a contractor company can complete our online questionnaire once and “release” it to Operators of their choosing.

PEC’s mission is to provide standardized training programs and contractor evaluation processes ensuring quality control and minimizing risks that an Operator is exposed to when using Contractors. Through standardization, we strive to minimize unnecessary duplication of efforts and expenses, while ultimately making the workplace a safer environment.

PEC’s headquarters is located in Mandeville, Louisiana with a training center in Morgan City, Louisiana.