NCMS – National Compliance Management Service

Acme Environmental Inc. has been a subscriber to NCMS since 1994.

National Compliance Management Service (NCMS) assists their clients, the oil & gas operators, in the contractor qualification process. NCMS has two separate divisions to assist in meeting the needs of their clients; DOT/PHMSA and Client Required divisions.

The DOT/PHMSA division concentrates on monitoring the contract companies to ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements of DOT/PHMSA (Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration). NCMS maintains a high standard of compliance in regard to meeting the USDOT regulations. All procedures closely follow the Inspection Protocol Form and changes to the regulations are monitored.

The NCMS DOT Audit Division assists oil & gas operators with the contractor qualification process. The services provided by NCMS concentrate on standardization and centralization of multiple operator requirements.

The Client Required division was designed to provide contractor monitoring to ensure compliance with the specific drug & alcohol program requirements set by NCMS clients. The goal of this division is to ensure that personnel working for NCMS clients are part of a drug/alcohol testing program that will meet these specific requirements.

The "Client-Required Drug & Alcohol" Division of NCMS is designed to provide auditing for our clients (Oil & Gas Operators) specific requirements. This division ensures that the contract companies working for our clients meet the personalized requirements established by them (i.e. written policies, specific testing protocol, random drug/alcohol testing, annual drug/alcohol testing, etc). An evaluation of the contract companies' program and testing protocol is performed as well as on-going monitoring of their program and employees.

Assistance is given to the contract companies in order to meet all of the clients' requirements. This is accomplished with the use of model policies, suggestions for revisions, and/or additions to the existing program. This division of NCMS acts as a "liaison" between the contract companies and the Oil & Gas Operators (clients). The ultimate goal for all involved is to successfully complete the work required and to complete it as safely as possible. NCMS is dedicated in facilitating the process and providing our expertise in order to accomplish this mutual goal.

NCMS is located in Hutchinson, Kansas.