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Acme Environmental Inc. is committed to safety not only during our product manufacturing process but also while on clients/customers’ oil spill worksites. Acme’s employees average 15+ years of seniority which improves the employee knowledge of equipment handling and oil spill cleanup procedures, which in turn minimizes OSHA reportable injuries. Acme also provides all PPE for each employee to ensure they have the appropriate protective equipment available whether working at Acme or on a client/customer worksite.

Acme’s safety consultant conducts monthly meetings highlighting Acme safety policies. Acme employees are 40 hour HazWoper trained, and attend an 8-hour refresher annually. Acme’s employees are also up to date on First Aid and CPR training.

Acme conducts annual and random drug testing based on our alcohol/drug testing policy as well as client/customer requirements. Acme is subject to DOT/PHMSA requirements in accordance with 49 CFR Part 199 & 40, which requires random drug testing and regular audits of Acme’s Anti-Drug and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Plan. These audits are conducted by NCMS.

When Acme is on an oil spill worksite, daily safety/”toolbox” meetings are held. During the meetings topics that are covered include proper PPE, hazards of spilled chemical, environmental hazards, climate conditions, and etc. Acme follows procedures from Acme’s Commitment to Safety (ACTS) program during the entire length of the project.

Acme completes and maintains OSHA 300 and 300A forms. The summary page (300A) is posted for all employees to review from February 1st though April 30th of the year following the year covered by the form. These reports are also available to our client/customers upon request.

Several of Acme’s client/customers require subscriptions/membership in the following management systems:

All are web-based management systems for tracking safety training, safety policies, insurance certificates, drug/alcohol testing compliance and other requirements for several of our client/customers. This is a one-stop system for client/customers to access to make sure Acme is in compliance with all safety training and their specific requirements.

In addition to the links above, you can read more about Acme’s commitment to safety through the links below or contact us (link to contact page) for more information.

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